Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Journal Writing for 1 March 2011 [Beauty Pressure]

1. What is the message underlying this video and what are your thoughts about it?
The message underlying this video is to prevent young girls from thinking that they must do weird and natural things like having plastic surgery to be beautiful and they want young girls' parents to talk to them about not having to have to go through this to be beautiful. My thoughts are that this video is helping the parents to help their children who are girls.
2. How could the beauty industry manipulate the way females think about themselves?
They could ask models who have a better figure and that looks better to advertise their products so that when the girls see the advertisements, they would want to be like the models and buy their products or go for plastic surgery.
3. What could society do to encourage healthier self image among young ladies?
They could encourage them to eat healthier to look better rather than do those weight loss programs and go for exercises more regularly. They could also organise talks about how plastic surgery and some products are not very good.

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